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Local Section 3 Construction Company Wins Stormwater Sub-Contract

Published on April 06, 2012 by Marie Capita

 Immokalee CRA’s Executive Director, Penny Phillippi,  had one goal and two objectives in mind last year when she charged the IBDC staff  to coordinate a gathering of developers, contractors, sub-contractors, laborers, vendors and procurement specialist in the construction field,  The goal was job creation.

Objective 1:  Identify Immokalee’s  independent construction companies eligible for Section 3 Business Certification and assist them with the application process.  

Objective 2:  Provide a forum to introduce the small construction firms and vendors to the larger contractors and developers and in doing so create employment opportunities for sub-contractors and local tradesmen.

Manuel Padilla Inc., a local construction company owned by Manuel Padilla attended the Builders’Expo, curious to learn if there could be opportunity for his small construction company to grow and create jobs for Immokalee’s laborers and tradesmen.

With the assistance and services provided by the IBDC, Manuel Padilla, Inc. was certified as a Section 3 Business eligible to bid on projects funded by HUD. 

When the Immokalee Stormwater project came up for bid Manuel Padilla was in a position to pursue a sub-contracting spot with DN Higgins  as a Section 3 Business.

In compliance with HUD Section 3 requirements, DN Higgins awarded the Section 3 Business contract to Manuel Padilla, Inc.

Manuel Padilla continues to receive technical support and coaching from IBDC while his construction company is in the expanding phase. 



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  1. James M.Holland
    Jun 5, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    How can you help my construction company do this? We are state certified section 3 business concern.

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